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My mother had the most horrible childbirth you can imagine. Her body was not well prepared and she was not heard neither respected during labour. The weeks that followed were very hard for mom and I. We made it, but this difficult start of life had a profound impact on me. Actually, it became my life's mission. I transformed this pain into power and gave birth to Belly Balance Chiropractors.  Belly Balance Chiropractors help pregnant women achieve a balanced body and an empowered state of mind so that they can have their best birth experience and that their babies can develop and grow to their full potential. 
 "We take care of you, while you take care of your baby."
  After 10 years of practice, I developed the Belly Balance Method, a specific chiropractic system integrated in a multidisciplinary perinatal care setting with gynaecologists and midwives. This collaborative model of care is based on a uniquely designed EPIC software. For more information go to